Artificial Intelligence: The Hows, Whys and Whats

Artificial intelligence has been around for decades, but it is only in recent years that the industry has seen a rapid growth. Artificial intelligence has been used across many industries to improve efficiency and accuracy, with some industries dependent on AI to function. This led to more research in this area by other scientists such as John McCarthy who coined the term artificial intelligence. There are several different types of artificial intelligence which have their own advantages and disadvantages based on their applications and uses. Artificial intelligence cannot do everything; it is not a miracle worker.

The use of AI can be traced back as far as 1951 when Alan Turing wrote his article “Computing Machinery and Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence and its application.

Most people associate artificial intelligence with robot but there is more than one type that can be applied to various fields such as machine learning or expert systems which require human input for their decision making process. 

Another common misconception about AI is the idea that robots will take over our jobs; this fear is unfounded because although robotics have come a long way they still need humans to provide training data and programs required for them to learn anything new so at least we won’t be out of work anytime soon! 

It’s also important to note that even though advances in technology have made it seem like things happen quickly, AI is still in its infancy. The kind of intelligent machine that people are talking about is not something we will see for at least another fifty years because there is so much more research and development required to perfect the technology.

List of industries that use artificial intelligence.

Since then, AI has been used in several industries to improve efficiency and accuracy. Some of these are healthcare, the military, marketing and finance.

AI In Healthcare – How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Doctors Make Better Decisions Faster Than Ever Before

The AI is designed to make doctors more productive. It can be used to filter out lower-level cases that are unlikely to produce the desired outcome, so doctors can focus on the more complex and difficult challenges. The AI has human-like reasoning and understanding capabilities which means it can learn from mistakes as well as constantly update itself with new cases, which makes it a lot more resourceful than human beings!

The AI diagnoses patients faster and at an exponential rate at the same time as improving diagnostic accuracy by 20%. Healthcare providers will also benefit from the ability of the machine to scan data quickly and accurately. This technology will allow healthcare providers to spend more time focusing on a patient’s care and less time on data entry.

Patients also benefit from the AI as it will help them interact with physicians in ways that are natural for them, such as through text messaging or emailing. This way patients can get their questions answered without having to wait around in the hospital!

AI In The Military – How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Soldiers Eliminate IEDs Faster Than Ever Before

Internet of Things (IOT) devices provide an opportunity for unintentional cyber intrusions which could potentially lead to even larger-scale attacks down the line like we saw last year when hackers managed to infiltrate voting machines across US states during election season by taking advantage of unprotected internet connections.  

That’s why the military is working on a project called Project Maven, which will use AI to scan through archived video footage from drone strikes and identify objects of interest like people or vehicles. The machine-learning algorithm in charge of scanning this data has already been trained with millions of images showing things such as buildings, tanks and cars so it can quickly spot when something new appears for the first time. This technology could help soldiers detect IEDs faster than ever before by allowing them to focus exclusively on other tasks!

AI In Marketing – How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Marketers Understand Consumers’ Emotions For More Effective Advertising Campaigns

The ability for machines to see patterns where humans cannot goes much deeper than just identifying photos; if you’re a marketer, the AI can help you figure out how to advertise more effectively.

A study by Stanford University found that people interpreted emotional expressions differently from one another; for example, some saw happiness in a picture as contentment while others viewed it as complete joy. The researchers programmed an algorithm with these insights and tested it on participants who had never seen the original photos before-the machine accurately predicted which emotions each participant would see! This sort of research could be used to support advertising campaigns where different ads are shown to different people so they get the most effective marketing message possible!

In short: optimization of operations using AI

The Disadvantages Of Using Artificial Intelligence:

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence will impact our world in ways we may not know yet. There are, however, certain disadvantages to using AI.

AI has the potential of being hacked and can be used for malicious purposes without our knowledge; this is especially true if we don’t take steps to secure its use. Artificial intelligence may not have a sense of ethics or morality which could lead it to make decisions that go against what humans would do! Finally, since artificial intelligence will replace many jobs in the future – including those held by doctors and marketers as mentioned before-it’s possible there won’t be enough work left for people who want them anymore!

Google And Facebook Both Struggle With Controversial New Software That Can Identify People By Their Faces – Business Insider 

What Artificial Intelligence Cannot Do

Artificial intelligence can’t do everything; it’s not a miracle worker! For example, artificial intelligence cannot create new content (although some may argue it could if you put enough time into training it). However, AI can do things that humans cannot such as quickly searching through large amounts of data and identifying patterns. It also has the potential to help with mundane tasks like customer service which is a very popular field for being automated.

Artificial intelligence and its application.

  • AI will be able to streamline some processes but it won’t replace human intelligence and creativity anytime soon! 
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