Beaches – to relax or for something else?

When people think about beaches, they generally associate them with relaxation. However, you need to pay attention to a few things before going on your beach vacation. For instance, what type of flag is present? Beaches in the EU are required by law to fly the European Union’s blue and gold flag when it is windy or raining. You should also know that most beaches prohibit dogs from entering the water as well as flying kites or model planes within 100 feet of shoreline. So prepare for your next beachside adventure with this handy guide!

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What types of beaches are there?

There are many different types of beaches in the world. There are sandy beaches, rocky and pebbly beaches, sloping or flat beaches, and concrete or man-made beaches. Since there are many different kinds of beaches, there is no way to categorize them all.

Why does sand heat up so quickly?

While many people assume sand warms up quickly because it generates heat from its grains, the true reason for its heating properties is because sunshine not only heats 12 inches down in the top of the beach, it also heats all that is underneath. The sands surface temperature may get as high as 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

The reason sand doesn’t cool off at night in contrast to a concrete or asphalt surface is that heat radiates to cooler surfaces and travels upwards less effectively through sand.

During noon hours, hot air above us rises due to thermal convection and this creates an area of lower pressure called a bowl where winds rush in to fill it- perfect conditions for speeding up heat diffusion. Hot air over sunbathers on hot sandy beaches rises which pulls cooler air from the water and up over the beach.

What can you see on a beach? 

There are many things that one might come across while visiting a beach. Perhaps they will find shells, driftwood, or seaweed. One may even pay attention to how some beaches have become home for marine animals who live in tide pools such as sea anemones, crabs, octopus or starfish. There is no way to know what one may encounter when taking a walk along this natural phenomenon known as “the shore.”

The world’s best sand-castle builders gather annually at America‚Äôs most famous sandbar for the annual Sea Level Festival near Cape Hatteras National Seashore in Buxton, North Carolina.

How not to burn your feet from sand? 

One way to avoid getting burned from hot sand is by wearing water shoes (flip flops) and using shade. The best way to keep your feet cool is with a large beach towel that you can cover your feet with.

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