The future of the automotive industry means its digitization

The automotive industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. The future will be about digitization, and this can be seen with connected cars and autonomous driving. There are many benefits to these new technologies – but there are also some drawbacks that need to be addressed to make sure everyone’s safety is accounted for.

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There are many benefits to these new technologies

But there are also some drawbacks that need to be addressed to make sure everyone’s safety is accounted for.

One of the main aspects of digitalization in cars is connected vehicles. This means that cars will have sensors, GPS systems and high-speed data connections so drivers can monitor their car from home or with a mobile app while on the go.

This enables more convenience but it also creates a vulnerability since hackers could break into your car through this system if they know how to do it – which unfortunately isn’t hard at all considering 80% of devices (computers, smartphones) currently being sold today lack basic protections against cyberattacks like WPA/WPA-PSK, and a third of all cars in the world don’t have an anti-virus protection system installed.

This is why it’s important to be aware of how connected vehicles work, and when they are actually safe for use.

One major concern about autonomous driving is that there could be accidents from other drivers who aren’t paying attention while on their phone or not being able to react quick enough because the car was programmed wrong – which means we need some sort of regulation with both new technology like this so people know what risks exist with them.

But even if these things were accounted for; there are still many dangers associated with self-driving cars including but not limited to: cyberattacks (which can happen through hacking), hacking of the vehicle’s software (which can be compromised through malware), hacking into a car’s network to steal data or hijacking its controls, and last but not least – human error.

Automotive Industry has traditionally been a haven for the big players. Bigger, more established manufacturers and suppliers have had a significant advantage over new startups. This is why it’s important that automotive industry not only adapts to digitalization but also redefines itself in order to remain competitive.

Faster, more reliable and precise positioning in urban areas than GPS is 5G technology.

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