What distinguishes tempered glass railing?

What distinguishes tempered glass balustrade?

Glass railings are a modern and timeless solution, more and more popular in apartments, houses and commercial buildings. Glass railings are a good choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. They blend well with any construction elements made of wood, stainless steel and aluminum, giving a unique decor to the designed architectural space. Glass balustrades are made as standard double glazing, a safe combination of VSG-ESG glass with two panes of toughened glass laminated together, creating a high-quality glass product. Despite the delicate form, the glass railings are extremely resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage. PVB-backed ESG panes offer exceptional safety in the event of breakage or breakage as the panes do not break into small pieces of glass as they are held together by an overlaid laminated PVB film.

Why is it worth investing in our balustrades?

Choose any glass dimensions for your project. Please let us know what type of glass, glass thickness and the arrangement of the protective film you need. Thanks to the wide range of available options, we will deliver exactly the glass product that your project requires. We are happy to carry out any non-standard orders. The range of decorative glass products we offer will allow you to freely create an individual design of your interior. You can also choose from a wide variety of designs available that perfectly match the style of your project, both traditional and modern.

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