What is anchor lanyard for?

What is anchor lanyard for?

In accordance with health and safety rules, employers are required to provide employees with appropriate personal protective equipment that minimizes occupational risks. Personal protective equipment is defined as all protective items intended to be worn or used by an employee during work. It includes a wide range of products to protect the head, hearing, respiratory tract, eyes, etc. Our offer includes protective equipment necessary when working at height. One such piece of equipment is definitely an anchor rope and other anchoring devices. Working at height is associated with the risk of falls and dangerous injuries, which in more extreme cases can lead to disability or even death. To prevent this from happening, health and safety regulations require employers to provide appropriate safety equipment, such as fixed anchoring systems including fixed poles and anchor points.

Why is it worth buying in our store?

At Protekt, we do not only focus on providing high-quality equipment, but we also want all our customers to be trained in the correct use of the tools. That is why our experienced specialists are happy to organize professional training courses on the correct ways to use our height protection devices. The courses focus on managing work at height, discussing fall protection techniques and the correct use of protective equipment. Of course, the training is aimed at people who use fall protection equipment and specialists who periodically carry out technical inspections of such tools. We invite you to contact our representatives, who will be happy to answer all your questions, help you choose the most appropriate height protection or conduct an appropriate course.

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