Which windows to choose for the renovation of historic buildings?

Which windows to choose for the renovation of historic buildings?

Installing windows in historic buildings is extremely difficult. This is due to the fact that modern windows are constructed in a different way and therefore have different parameters. However, there is a solution that will definitely save many people, and we are talking about veka softline renovation 65. The non-invasive installation of a renovation window makes it the best and often the only solution used in historic buildings. It enables the insertion of a new window with high thermal and acoustic parameters, while reducing the risk of damage to structural elements. The trouble-free renovation of historic buildings is guaranteed with this type of window. We can additionally avoid time-consuming and costly renovation. It is enough to remove the wings, fixed posts and fittings.

Description of veka softline renovation 65

This type of windows is unique in many ways. Veka Softline has a 65 mm integrated renovation mask. Additional system accessories such as strips and angles can be fitted to the window. Thanks to veka softline renovation 65, we can have beautiful windows that match our home style. From the outside, the old door frame is covered with a custom-made flat bar. The unprecedented wealth of colors, finishes and technical variants perfectly defines the windows from the Veka series.

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